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Our Story

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An Idea is Born

             When I move to the USA and took an Economy classes. I know the meaning  between absolute advantage and comparative advantage then I think about it.  A lot of American have more potential to do something else than cleaning house. But I have all long life doing cleaning house, it might be a good idea for our folk to have a helper who you can trust.

Why I do this business.

The journey has been start when I was 21 years old. At that time I just graduated my BA in Electrical Engineering and had a dream to be come the great engineer. However, when I had my free time , my mother always asked me to help her cleaned our house. I asked her why we don't hire someone to do this jobs for us because we can support it. She said that it is very difficult to find someone who you can trust to come to your house and touch most of your personal stuffs.